Hidden From Sight Cleaning the Crime Scene

Cleaning is difficult, especially after a crime has taken place. Businesses exist that take care of the aftermath.

The setting is familiar for anyone who's watched prime time television in the last two decades. Detectives show up at a crime scene. They gather evidence. They theorize what took place. Then the police leave to question witnesses and piece together a case. But what occurs at the crime scene after the detectives are gone? A cleanup crew probably comes, but that's never included in TV shows.

No one turns on the TV to watch someone clean so it's obvious that we don't see it on TV. Plus, cleaning blood, guts, and other hazardous materials is gross to consider, especially when you consider who has to do to the cleaning: the victim (or the victim's family) is responsible for cleanup. Luckily, there are companies that specialize in biohazard cleanup companies california md.

Crime scene is an industry that specializes in removing blood, human remains, and other bio materials. Returning a trauma area to its original state is known as "remediation."

Here are some of the materials used to clean a crime scene:

  • Everyday cleaning supplies
  • Personal protective gear
  • Razor blades
  • Truck-mounted steam-injection machines
  • Chemical treatment tank
  • And more

The job isn't pretty, but someone has to do it while the victim's family copes with their loss.